QuickLink, a software feature of Moxa’s MGate 4101-MB-PBS gateway, combines AutoLearning and AutoMapping technology to significantly reduce the time required for I/O mapping.

Modbus and PROFIBUS are different protocols. The MGate provides shared memory for data exchange between these two protocols through I/O mapping. Traditionally, this configuration process is done manually. The manual entry of Modbus device parameters, such as device ID and register values, must be mapped into a format associated with the I/O modules of PROFIBUS devices, allowing Modbus device data to be processed by the PROFIBUS PLC.

But with the MGate 4101-MB-PBS, there is a better solution. After connecting the Modbus and PROFIBUS segments to the MGate 4101-MB-PBS, systems integrators can simply start MGate Manager, Moxa’s gateway configuration software, and initiate QuickLink. First, AutoLearning allows the MGate device to passively listen for data being sent across the Modbus segment and learn the request commands used for communication. Then the MGate 4101-MB-PBS will begin the AutoMapping process, which systematically rearranges all Modbus request data segments in a format associated with PROFIBUS I/O module data. Scrutinizing the manuals of the gateway and Modbus device for configuration information will no longer be necessary. Configuration will be completed automatically through the MGate Manager utility in just a few minutes.