Innovative Ways to Bridge Modbus-to-PROFIBUS

The MGate 4101-MB-PBS series can effortlessly connect Modbus devices to the PROFIBUS network (e.g. Siemens S400 and S300 PLCs) with Moxa’s innovative features. Numerous hours, possibly many days, of data-collection and manual address mapping can be eliminated from your project with MGate 4101’s QuickLink feature, which automatically configures the gateway within minutes. All models are ruggedly designed with a metal housing, DIN-Rail mountable, and offer internal optical isolation (MGate 4101I-MB-PBS only) for serial signals to meet industrial application demands.


Automated QuickLink Technology Virtually Eliminates
I/O Mapping
Moxa’s QuickLink technology eliminates the guesswork of device parameter configuration through method of AutoLearning and AutoMapping. When the MGate 4101-MB-PBS is connected to an existing master PLC communicating with the device, it can automatically detect the command parameters and map them into a format usable by the PROFIBUS master (PLC).
1-port Modbus to PROFIBUS slave gateway
• Protocol conversion between
  Modbus and PROFIBUS networks
• Windows utilities with innovative
  functions for quick setup
• Redundant dual DC power inputs
  and relay output supported
  Advanced Solutions for Extreme Environments
  Industrial applications require specific features for fieldbus gateways. Moxa's MGate 4101-MB-PBS includes dual power input, relay output warning, a wide operating temperature range, and isolation input, which are benefit to many critical applications.
Dual power
Relay output