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FEATURES- iTrip FM Transmitter for iPod
You are looking at the coolest iPod accessory in the world. The
iTrip FM transmitter for the iPod can play your music through any
FM radio in your car, at a party, wherever the mood strikes you -
and you have a radio.
It is clear that the iTrip is made specifically for the iPod. This
gives iTrip advantages over similar devices. For example, with the
iTrip, you can have the cleanest possible signal - because you can
choose any radio station on the dial to tune for the best
performance possible. You do this by 'playing' special station
codes directly from the iPod itself. Simple.
Another advantage of the iTrip is that it needs no batteries - it
receives its tiny amount of power from the iPod. The Original iTrip
can even rotate out of the way to charge the iPod while still in
use. No more batteries ever again.
There is not even a power switch -- just plug it in and go. It shuts
off automatically after 60 seconds of silence - just like the iPod.
The iTrip is the ultimate accessory for the iPod because it allows
you to share the music and share the fun beyond your headphones.
Do not leave home without it.
* A match made in heaven
The iTrip was made just for the iPod - and it shows. With beautiful
white curves and a form that mates perfectly on top of your iPod, you
will wonder if they were separated at birth.
* Thin is in
This attractive profile reveals two rubber finger grippers that makes
attaching and removing iTrip super easy.
* High stability crystal oscillator, phase-lock loop control.
* Any station you choose - digitally
The iTrip allows you to select from over 100 stations, which means you
can always find an open band no matter how many radio stations are in
your area. You can choose any station, not just the '4 stations'
typically found on other devices.
* Just say 'NO' to drift
Digital tuning in iTrip also means the signal doesn t "drift." Other
products use analog circuitry, which allows the signal to drift over
time. But not iTrip. Digital tuning means no drift.
* Power to go
The iTrip is also more powerful than competing products, providing a
significantly more powerful signal. Although the transmission range will
vary depending on your area and receiving radio, iTrip has been used at
some pretty amazing distances.

-- SPECIFICATIONs ------------------------------------
ANTENNA - Built-in
FREQUENCY - 87.7 ~ 107.9 MHz
greater than 45 dB
less than .5%
FREQ.RESPONSE- 50 Hz to 15 kHz
RANGE - 10~30 feet, depending on the quality of the FM radio
receiver (limited by FCC regulations).
POWER- None (it's powered by the iPod)
SIZE - 2.4" x 0.84"
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